Zoya Lee
Expertise in E-Commerce, Supply Chain, 3PL management for over 20 years
Business development
- Development of online store/marketplace business models using aggressive growth scenarios

- Development of a logistics company business models using aggressive growth scenarios

- Benchmarking of the cost of operations, investments and other financial parameters vs. competitors

- Calculation of the company's growth strategies

- Preparation of calculation models, P&L, CF

- Developing forms of financial, investment, operational analytics for the customer
- Assessment of opportunities to accelerate the growth of a company's business

- Development of a commercial strategy / company growth strategy

- Creation of new products and business models for the company

- Transition to a new technology

- Transition to a new production model

- Transition to a new management system and a new incentive system

- Transition to a new organizational structure

- Team development and incentivization
- Development of an operational strategy aimed at meeting the challenges at hand

- Calculation of the necessary logistics infrastructure for business development (areas and
geography of fulfillment centers, number and variability of delivery methods, insourcing or

- Cost optimization across the entire chain

- Development of measures to improve the quality of service including the increase of CSI, NPS

- Development of measures to increase the redemption of online store goods

- Recommendations on the choice of E-Commerce delivery methods and geography, delivery
partners (first and last mile) based on the planned budget
Russian Post - Director of E-Commerce Operations
National Logistics Technologies - BoD Member
Marketplace Goods.ru - Advisory Board Member
CEO of OOO O-Courier
20A - CEO of Logistics Agency 20A
Avalon Logistics - Head of Sales
MAERSK Logistics, Eastern Europe - Director of Integrated Logistics
DHL Solutions, Russia - Business Development Director
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